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Attila Rajcsók, sculptor,born in  Budapest, 1983.
The artist’s interest focused on experimenting with the material, observing the properties of steel and straining it to the extreme. He reaches the balance with only one or two fixed points. His biomorf works contain simultaneously a resting position and the energy of a dynamic movement.

L’interesse dell’artista incentrata sulla sperimentazione del materiale, osservando le proprietà dell’acciaio e tendendolo alle estreme conseguenze. Si raggiunge l’equilibrio con solo uno o due punti fissi. Le sue opere contengono  simultaneamente una posizione di riposo e l’energia di un movimento dinamico.

Attila Rajcsók’s work titled “Apple Core” is youthful and cheerful. The frail and fragile profile of the core of an apple that had been eaten is magnified proportionally to a height of 3 meters. However, the artist did not choose a naturalistic or realistic solution, merging fragility with permanence. This sublimation is further increased by the election of the material. The coldness of chrome steel is significantly mitigated by welding, as well as the way the arcs of the core purposefully follow form.

Il lavoro di Attila Rajcsók intitolato “Torsolo di mela” è giovane e allegro. Il profilo fragile  del nucleo di una mela che è stato mangiata è ingrandita proporzionalmente fino ad un’altezza di 3 metri. Tuttavia, l’artista non ha scelto una soluzione naturalistica o realistica,ma la fusione con fragilità e permanenza. Questa sublimazione è ulteriormente aumentata dalla scelta del materiale,il freddo acciaio è legato mediante saldatura, così anche gli  archi  che seguono la forma del nucleo.

Galerie89 is thrilled to bring to you this inspiring collection of paintings, including more than twenty new pieces straight from the artist’s studio, in a retrospective look at the timeless harmony of art.

Directrice de la Galerie89   EUNI AHN ALLARD


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1983, Budapest


2002 – 2008 : Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department / Masters: Pál Kő, Zoltán Karmó, Péter Gálhidy
1997 – 2001 : College of Architecture and Design, Stone-sculptor Department

Prizes, scholarships

2008 : Prize of the Corvina Foundation
2005 : Scholarship of the Amadeus Foundation / Prize of the HM Kaszó Forestry

Solo exhibitions

2012 : Core of a Thought, Ani Molnár Gallery, Budapest
2011 : Artcamp, Szolnok

2010 : Gemma, Parthenon-friz room, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest / Solid base (with Péter Gálhidy), Molnár Ani Gallery, Budapest
2009 : ART9 Gallery, Budapest

Group exhibitions 

2012 : ATÁDITÉL, Barcsay Room, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest / Á la carte, Gastronomy in Hungarian Art, Kepes Institute, Eger
2011 : Autumn Salon of Hódmezővásárhely, Hódmezővásárhely
2010 : Gemma, Parthenon-friz Room, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Sculpture Garden, Budapest / Duna Gallery, Budapest
2009 : III.Particum Biennial – open sculpture exhibition, Szolnok Art9 Gallery (with Barbara Krakovszky), Budapest
2008 : Best Of Diploma, MKE, Barcsay Room, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest / Fresh shoots (with Ádám Majoros and Gábor Fülöp), Park Gallery, Budapest
2007 : House of Arts, Eger / II.Particum Biennial open sculpture exhibition, Szolnok / Ybl Palace, Budapest
2006 : Artist cellar, Budapest

2005 : XI. Exhibition of Wood Sculptures, Gyöngyös, Mátészalka, Heves Grotesque, Kaposvár
2005 : lX. National Wood Sculpture Exhibition, Nagyatád
2004-2005 : Exhibition of the Pál Kő class, Heves
2003 : Támaszpont Gallery, Budapest
2002 : Cultural House of Ferencváros, Budapest
2000 : Támaszpont Gallery, Budapest
1999 : Gallery of Újpest, Budapest


Works in publis space: 2009 Apple-butt, Park Millenáris, Budapest