Project Description

SHOCK BANG ONE by Robert Einbeck

March 24 to April 19, 2014


From 24 March to 19 April 2014, at the invitation of Euni Ahn Allard of “Galerie 89” Robert Einbeck will transform the vision of an object symbolic of violence and death, namely the gun barrel, into a symbol of peace by way of mandalas and rose windows. Color, light, and contrast accentuate the heady magic.

These paintings have the barrel as symbol, whose purpose the artist turns around and transforms into an object of emotion and introspection, but also of reflection by, in a roundabout way, evoking what are contemporary forms of violence. Familial, urban, warring forms of violence but also the violence of humans against themselves.

Thus, freed from its homicidal rigidity acquired over the course of time, the pictorial image can appear to convey a new inner energy. Thus rehabilitated, it will be detached from the shadows and placed inside a form of questioning.

The archetype is condensed into spiritual energy and presented as an object of serenity.

This exhibit was previously shown at the Frost Art Museum of Miami ( affiliated with the museums of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington ).



This exhibit is the beginning of a greater artistic project co-produced and developed by Robert Einbeck with the collaboration of the music producer James Barnett (UK). The Shock Bang Show Project is the encounter of visual art, music, and popular song in order to create a thrust that will awaken people’s consciousness of forms of violence.


Born in 1944, Robert Einbeck began his career in the seventies in Paris. An international artist, he now exhibits both in museums and galleries.

His works are of a contemplative nature in the tradition of Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, and James Turrell. They are part of international collections and are found in public spaces such as the series of monumental canvases entitled “Spaces of Meditation” exhibited in the foyer of the Auditorium of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

Following an exhibit of his work in 1992, after Robert Rauschenberg, at the Lemarié Tranier Gallery in Washington, Robert Einbeck stopped for a while to
become fully involved in the “Time for Peace Film & Music Awards” ( that flowed from the conceptual, threedimensional “Einbecks’s Time for Peace Project.”

Since he missed expressing himself as an artist, he picked up his brushes again in 2012 !