Welcome To Galerie 89

Galerie 89 is located in the presentigious Viaduc des Arts in Paris, it opened in 2007 with the exhibition on photographs of Bernad Werber’s first movie Nos aims les terriens. The Galerie has the vocation to promote artists from diverse nationalities, while specializing on contemporary korean artists, with works of sculpture, painting, photography and new technologies.

The galerie offer though personal and collective exhibitions the opportunity of a critical view from the french public and the professional circles. For each artist exposed, the galerie affirms its support for an international creative activity.

Galerie89 endeavors not only to carry out our duties to provide ‘top quality caltural event’ but also offer great service to visitor.

Thnak you.

Directrice de la Galerie89   EUNI AHN ALLARD

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