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Unmissable, witness to our history of art, the expression of diversity and excellence. In 1853, a concession is granted to the private company Railway “Paris Strasbourg” to achieve a railway line whose terminus instead of the Bastille. In 1994, after its restoration, this former railway became the Viaduct des Arts and Promenade planted, a unique place in France and in the world. A unique place that inspires … New York, Zurich, Berlin, London, Kobe … A unique location, the most visited and the most recognized, home for 20 years now, Crafts, Art Masters and Designers, beautiful setting for these professions of excellence which Paris is so proud. A unique place … because the Arts Viaduct expresses Excellence: unique creations and timeless, precious and rare materials, charismatic and unique signatures. Masters of Art, Craft and Designers give their best. They illustrate with the greatest contemporary artists, visual artists, designers, fashion designers, and entertainment personalities, with whom they share and co-write, every day, our art history. A unique place … because the Arts Viaduct is distinguished by the diversity of its creators, their supports and universes that states : Decoration, Fashion, Music, Art Restoration, and Graphics, supported Imna by, among other resource center that informs and promotes Crafts and Craftsmanship.

Space Rental

Galeris89 is available for rent daily, weekly or monthly for individual and group shows, travelling exhibition, award ceremonies, contests, pop up shows, alternative shows etc.

Galerie89 is located in the heart of the famous Viaduc des Arts 89 Avenue, Daumesnil 75012 Paris creating important accent within creative space occupied by visual and performing artists, photographers, models, dance professionals, fashion designers and event planners.

The gallery is frequented by art lovers looking to find and buy original artwork. We offer several rental options, so feel free to contact us if you have very specific requirement.

기본가격 / 옵션(추가구성 : 도록제작 및 오프닝행사 지원, 설치비용 등 / 가격할인(휴가시즌 관련) / 기타
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Visa, MasterCard and American Express, personal cheques and cash. For large purchases, payments of equal instalments can be arranged. Delivery and installation can be arranged for a fee.

Artworks Rental and Sale

Artworks Rental and Sales enables individuals and corporate clients to enjoy original works of art at an affordable cost.

For potential buyers, the service is an opportunity to live with a work before committing to the final purchase. No long term rental is required. For corporate clients, the rental of art is a way to enhance a work environment while avoiding the capital outlay required for a purchase.

In corporate situations, rental fees are considered a tax-deductible business expense.

Rental periods range from one to twelve months, and up to three months of the rental fee can be deducted from the ultimate sale price, if the work is purchased. Membership in the Ottawa Art Gallery is required to rent works of art. Rental fees range from 30 to $218 monthly for works that are valued up to $12,000.

Clients may seek free consultation from our volunteer experts who will provide assistance in selecting works to suit every taste and budget. Delivery and installation can be arranged for a fee. The purchase of an artwork makes a thoughtful gift for valued clients or staff.

Interested in seeing what we have to offer? Check out our Online Art Rental Gallery for inspiration. Have you seen a stunning piece of art at the Victoria International Airport that you are interested in? Find more information about it here. If you would like to know how to rent or buy any of our collection, contact us to make an appointment for a consultation today!
Art + Business = Savvy
Strengthen your corporate image with original art. Businesses can rent art for a fraction of the cost of ownership, with the option to rotate works every six months. We offer on-site consultations, delivery and installation services, making the transition to a stunning business environment almost effortless.

Rental Package For Foreign Artists :

Rental Package Program

한국 및 기타 다른 국가 예술가들을 위한 전시 패키지 내용

Art Competion

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